Mash Paddle

Successful all-grain brewing relies on having all of the entire grain bill come into contact with the water during the mashing process. Any grains that don't get wet will not convert their starches to sugars and will not lend their character to the final wort. Being able to stir the entire vessel at "dough-in" (when we first add the grains to the water) helps us make sure we don't get any dry clumps (A.K.A.: "dough balls") and it allows us to achieve the ideal, even mixture of grains to water we are looking for to start our mashing.

MoreBeer!'s mash paddles have been designed for the job at hand: they can reach to the bottom of the mash tun and help to easily stir the entire contents so you will get a perfect mash every time. Sure beats trying to mash-in with a kitchen spoon (especially for batch sizes over 5 gallons)!
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