Base Malts

Base malts make-up the majority of the grain bill in our beer recipes. Base malts provide the sugars for fermentation and unless specifically noted, all of the necessary enzymes for converting the starch to sugars during mashing. While the differences between the various base malts are not as extreme as when compared to the Specialty Malts, each of the base malts has its' own unique character and flavor. Depending on the beer your are making, one (or a combination!) of our base malts will provide the perfect foundation to build your beer on.

How Much Grain Do I Need?:
In general, 10 lbs of grain (mashed-out and sparged to 6 gal of wort, then boiled down to 5 gal) gives around a 1.050 OG. Keep in mind this result assumes a 70% efficiency in your brewing system and will be effected by a variety of factors such as the temperature and viscosity of the mash. While this "10 lbs gets you 1.050 OG in 5 gal" is a good place to start from, we recommend double-checking your recipes and adjusting as needed to ensure you are hitting your targeted numbers.
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