Blichmann TopTier Brewing Stand

The Blichmann TopTier Brewing Stand is one of the most, if not the most modular brewing system on the market.  Being able to choose from burners or shelves, mounting your Therminator Plate Chiller to the stand, mounting a March Pump to the stand, and getting to decide exactly where all of this is mounted to the stand truly allows the brewer to custom build their system.  Whether you're brewing with coolers, kettles, keggles, or a combination of the three, the Blichmann TopTier Stand will be able to accmodate your setup, and change as your setup changes!

Blichmann Tower of Power

The Blichmann Tower of Power is nothing short of amazing.  This system allows a brewer to take their current system; whether it's a gravity system, a single tier, two-tier, etc. and turn it into a digital brewing machine!  The tower itself comes with all the plumbing, a flow meter, a sample valve for refractometer readings, and a custom two way ball valve to easily change the direction of flow from recirculating the mash to sparging towards the boil kettle.  Add a control module or two on top and it will monitor your mash tun and/or hot liquor tank temperatures for you!  While you're recirculating, the temperature of your mash will naturally begin to drop.  Well when this happens with a control module on your tower of power, your mash tun burner (or hot liquor burner if you're using a HERMS) will automatically kick on until the desired temperature is achieved, at which point it shuts off again.  And best of all, this is designed to work with any burner out there!

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