MoreBeer!'s Tips and Tricks Contest!

Throughout the years, MoreBeer! customers have been calling and emailing in to tell us about their unique uses of our products.  Some of these have helped us retrofit or revamp our products.  Others have helped us advertise certain products differently. Of course some have straight up stumped us and had us scratching our heads.  However all of these led us to take it a step further, hence our newest competition: MoreBeer!'s Tips and Tricks Contest.  Entries will be accepted until June 30th.  MoreBeer! brand members will judge the tips and tricks, and will select the three best ones as the winners.  There is no limit to how many different tips and tricks can be entered.  Winners will be emailed and announced in the beginning of July after all tips and tricks have been received and reviewed, and the three winners will receive $50 each in MoreBeer! bucks.  If you have any questions regarding this contest please email us at info@moreflavor.com.