At the Riverside store we don't have an official classroom so we like to give free brewing demonstrations in front of our store on a regular basis.

We hold a demo on the first Saturday of every month, where we brew a 10 gallon extract batch starting at 10:00AM and finish around 1:30PM. We've helped thousands of brewers get started with this free introduction to basic brewing.

On the 3rd Saturday of every month, in addition to the Basic Extract Brewing Demonstration we also do an advanced All-Grain Brewing Demonstration on our MoreBeer! 1550 BrewSculpture. This class is a great one to make if you are just getting started and would like to get an idea of the difference between extract and all-grain brewing.  This one is always our most popular demo and always a great time. Both demos start at 10:00AM with the extract finishing at 1:30PM and the All-Grain demo finishing around 3:00PM. 

Please join us at 1506 Columbia Ave. Riverside, CA 92507 and call 951-779-9971 if you have any questions.

We look forward to seeing you!
Rob, Jim, Dan, Brett, Elie and Andrew

2014 Dates

January 4th and 18th

February 1st and 15th

March 1st and 15th

April 5th and 19th

May 17th

June 7th and 21st

July 5th and 19th

August 2nd and 16th

September 6th and 20th

October 4th and 18th

November 1st and 15th

December 6th