MoreBeer! Tippy-Dump BrewSculptures


MoreBeer! Tippy-Dump BrewSculptures are a revolutionary style home brewery.  How does one empty out a twenty-six gallon mash tun when it's full of spent grain?  Tip it over!  Our Tippy-Dump mash system allows a single brewer to quickly and easily dump their spent grains down a stainless steel chute, into their compost or trash can.  These can be purchased to produce either ten-gallon or twenty-gallon batches, and utilize one pump and gravity during the sparging process.  The three different models that we offer the Tippy-Dump BrewSculpture in are:  Standard (a standard stainless frame without digital control), Digital (a standard stainless frame with digital control), and Digital Deluxe (a 304-brushed stainless frame with digital control).  They come with a propane gas system, however can be built with natural gas with an extended build time.  To learn more about our different Tippy-Dump BrewSculptures, click on the models below!

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