Brewing Kettles

Every brewing system needs a boiling kettle, and if you are going to do all-grain brewing then you will also need a hot liquor tank and mash tun. Since your brewing kettles will be the backbone of your brewing set-up, you'll want to make sure you get ones that will give you years of dependable service. Check out MoreBeer!'s complete range of quality kettles at great prices!

Sizing a Kettle:

When choosing your brewing kettles, please note that they are sized larger than the final volume of fermentable wort they produce:
  • 5 gal kettles can boil a max of 3 gallons of wort 
  • 8 gal kettles are for a 5 gal system
  • 15 gal kettles are for a 10 gal system
  • 26 gal kettles are for a 20 gal system