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Wort Chillers

Immersion Wort Chillers

Immersion chillers work by cirulating coolant (usually water from a garden hose or faucet) through a copper coil that is placed directly in the hot wort. As the coolant continuously passes through the coil it absorbs and carries away the heat until the wort has cooled to the desired temperature.

Benefits and Design features:
  • A unique design feature of MoreBeer!'s Immersion Wort Chiller is that most of the coils are located towards the top. Because heat rises in your beer kettle, having the coils located at the top puts the cooling power where you need it and significantly reduces cooling times. 
  • Immersion Wort Chillers are easy to clean since the wort never goes into the tubing.
  • Immersion Wort Chillers don't require the use of a pump.
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