False Bottoms & Hopbacks

False Bottom:
False Bottoms are stainless steel perforated screens that are designed to go into a brewing kettle and create a space above the bottom of the pot. In All-Grain Brewing, one brewing kettle gets this modification and becomes the Mash Tun. Grains are soaked for a period of time in the Mash Tun to extract the sugar from the grains then the resulting liquid is drained out from below the screen, leaving the grains behind. 

MoreBeer!'s HopBack is a specialized piece of brewing equipment that lets the home brewer add a fresh & lively Hops aroma to the beer. Connect it between the boil kettle and the chiller, fill the reservoir with up to 2 oz of whole brewing hops and run the hot beer through the hops on the way to the chiller. A built-in screen keeps the hops contained and allows the beer to flow though the system. We recommend gravity feeding into the HopBack and pumping out for the best flow control.
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