Concord Showroom Testimonials


"On occasion I use a brew supply place closer to work, as I can't always get to you before closing time. Every time I need something important, or specific, I come to you. Customer service, prices, and selection keep me coming back, and there's no question that you guys are the best in the biz. Love having you so close by the house! now if I could only get out of work earlier."
- Ryan Campagna

"Nice to see the grains moved to the front room for self service. Sales staff was incredibly helpful with all my questions." 
- Charles Belleville

"The guys in the storeroom are always friendly, willing to help, and pleasant. I've got three other homebrew shops closer to my house, but with the great service, and the consistent and wide selection, I'll keep coming back." 
- Jason Dietrich


"My visits to More Beer are always an Adventure, and you carry unique items for every brewers need, You Always Suprise Me with New Items! needs, Thanks For Improving So Much Over The Years! You Always Suprise Me."

- Mike Cox

"There is a brewing store within about 3 miles from my home, but I choose to drive to Concord which is about 35 miles from home because of the store's displays and it's staff."
-Harland Wilke

"Your store flat out rocks. Nuff said!"
-  Steve Hillestad

Richard Angeles Testimonial's:

Talk about helpful - took the time to listen to the stage of brewing I was at, and recommended equipment that I NEEDED as opposed to just pushing me towards the more expensive options that would have been over the top for what I want. Of all the homebrew shops in the Bay Area I've been to, morebeer is tops, and I WILL be back!
- Gary Edmunds

"Could not have gone better!"
-Paul Brown

"The Concord showroom is always a pleasure to shop at. I got everything I needed and then some!"
-  Eric Ennis

"Even my first batch turned out to be excellent, despite my usual new brewer mistakes. Since then, I've gotten a lot of tips to help make things even better from the store. Between the great kits and the help from the staff, I've been amazing myself at how well all my brews have turned out."
- Jesse Richmond

"Last time I went to your shop, I set my grain bag down on a stack of boxes. They turned out to be carboys, and one fell and shattered. When I offered to pay for it, the rep at the store basically wouldn't let me. He just said it happens, and not to worry about it. While I felt like an A-hole, he just shrugged it off, and made me feel like it wasn't a big deal. Every time I go into your store, I get great customer service, and will continue to use you guys exclusively, and forever because of this!!"
- Ryan Campagna

Jonathan Plise Testimonial's:

"I'm excited to get started in the world of brewing, and with the help of more beer i'll be able to do that tonight "
-  Matt Sayles

"Jon is always very helpful and the reason I keep going back! "

Greg Almeda

" I have made a total of 2 purchases from MoreFlavor. Once in store and once online. Both have been fantastic. I have window shopped multiple times and the staff is always extremely helpful and knowledable. I believe these guys have gotten a customer for life."
-  Paul Blankenship

"The whole Crew is knowledgable. Jonathan takes personal care of us which we greatly appreciate.  We regularly discuss our purchases and positive experiences with friends."

- Blake Bader

Mike Theisen Testimonial's:

"Your sales/showroom people are always informative, friendly and helpful."
- Tim Hammack

"Every time I stop in - it's been a great experience!"
Chuck Homola

"Mike, as usual, does an excellent job with his customers."
- Dick Fox

" Everyone at Beer, Beer, and More Beer are extremely helpful. I always get everything I need to brew a great beer. I always enjoy coming here. "
-  Harry Wittenberg