These pumps are used for homebrewing.  The March and Chugger brewing pumps are the most widely used pumps by homebrewers.  Why?  They're magnetic driven pumps, which allows you to put a ball valve after the pump to slow down flow without burning out the motor.  Neither the March Pump nor the Chugger Pump is self-priming.  If you are looking to pump or transfer finished beer after fermentation look no further than our self-priming diaphragm pump. 

What does self-priming mean?  A pump that is not self-priming will not suck air and must be fed liquid via gravity before it will begin to pump.  The pump head and lines must be full before the pumps is started. A pump that is self-priming will pump air and therefore can create a suction that will draw liquid out of a vessel. 

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