Beer Drip Trays

Do you need a Beer Drip Tray to catch the drips from your home bar set up? Then take a look at MoreBeer!'s Stainless Drip Trays. 

Designed & Made In The USA!
When we designed these drip trays we looked into having them made over seas in both China and India but the finish on the stainless and the cosmetics of the welds have never been up to our quality standards. So while we could make them cheaper overseas we think you will be very happy with the look and feel of these Made in the USA drip trays! 

Attention to Details

We use a brushed stainless steel finish that looks beautiful. We also weld the inside corners as opposed to using silicone caulking. Silicone is fine for you bathroom but inside a beer tray it becomes an awful mess over time. Our welded seems, brushed stainless, and stainless grates insure a lifetime of easy cleaning and great looks.
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