All-Grain Brewing

All-Grain Brewing is the process of making beer directly from malted grain in stead of using a pre-made malt extract - essentially we are making our own Malt Extract! All-Grain Brewing allows home brewers absolute freedom over our grain bills/recipes and ensures we are making the freshest beer possible! 
Is All-Grain Brewing hard to do? What's the process?
All-Grain Brewing is actually pretty straight-foreward and can be broken down into the following steps:
  1. Milling: The first step is to mill (crack) your own grain. Don't worry if you don't own your own Grain Mill: when you order an All-Grain Beer Kit from MoreBeer! we offer both milled and unmilled grain options.
  2. Mashing: You then mix that grain with a measured amount of hot water and let it Mash for up to an hour. During that time the starch in the grains is converted into sugar by enzymes that are naturally present in the malted barley.  
  3. Sparging: Once the sugar has been converted, you rinse the sugar out during the Sparging process by running hot water through the grain. Collect the run-off, or wort, until you have the required amount in your boil kettle.
  4. Boil!: From here you just boil the wort just like a batch of homebrew made from malt extract. Click on this link to read our All-Grain Brewing Directions.


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